About us

Perrone Associati is a design and services company related to telecommunications, civil and industrial engineering, architecture, integrated real estate management, building and urban recovery.

The company has two operating headquarters in Rome and Matera and it has been working in the sector of interest for twenty years, offering its customers services and consultations throughout the national territory.

In addition to the active contribution of the founding members there is that of a qualified technical staff made up of employees, collaborators and consultants who give the structure a diversity of skills, professionalism and flexibility for the development and management of the most demanding orders.

The expertise and experience gained, combined with a high technological content provided by state-of-the-art equipments and softwares, bring efficiency and dynamism to the company that allow it to deal globally with activities in the telecommunications sector, architectural and structural designs, orders related to management integrated services, feasibility studies, technical and economic analysis.


Engaged in the telecommunications sector since its foundation, the company offers its professionalism in the provision of services in the mobile and fixed radio sector.

In the mobile radio sector the company carries out the design of base radio stations, as well as the optimization of the existing network. The company conducts work supervision and safety coordination, analysis and structural checks on existing structures, infrastructure certifications through the use of non-destructive tests, feasibility checks and tests, boasting a consolidated experience in the management of technical services for most important players in the sector.

Perrone Associati also carries out electromagnetic field measurements for the preparation and obtaining of health permits and assists public administrations in the localization plans of the issuing plants. The company offers consulting to private and public administrations for the control and monitoring of electromagnetic field values in sensitive areas, using qualified personnel, cutting-edge tools and software.

In the fixed sector, the company carries out civil and optical design of FTTC and FTTH networks, assists its customers in the management of construction sites with works management and safety coordination services on large and small centers, manages the interface with private and public administrations providing a global service.


The company carries out design activities in civil and industrial sectors.

In the civil sector, it operates in the areas of interest for the architectural and structural design of buildings for residential and tertiary use, commercial spaces and offices, also offering services for the construction recovery of historic buildings and complexes and for the arrangement of public spaces.

Thanks to the competence and experience gained over the years, the company offers a turn-key service that starts from the preliminary study phases, continues with the architectural design and with the interface with the public administrations for obtaining building permits and concludes with the phases of civil design, calculation and structural modeling, and furniture. The company is also engaged in monitoring activities of reinforced concrete, steel and masonry structures, in anti-seismic calculations, checks and structural consolidations.

In the industrial sector, the company operates in the oil, gas and energy branches, carrying out the design of electro-instrumental systems, gas-distribution systems, complex structures in metalwork, electrical and mechanical systems, photovoltaic systems.

Real Estate

The company performs services in the real estate sector assisting the customer in carrying out all activities related to the integrated management of public and private real estates.

The company offers consulting to companies and public administrations for what concern Property and Facility Management services. It carries out activities aimed at the management of registry and real estate census services, realizes expert evaluations on the architectural and plant engineering aspects, on the state of finishing of the buildings, on the phenomena of degradation, on the functional anomalies, on the energy aspects, as well as on any discrepancies with the current regulatory framework. The company also carries out architectural and plant engineering surveys, designs aimed at regulatory compliance as well as the supply of new solutions for the management, optimization and enhancement of spaces and resources.

Perrone Associati offers to individuals and companies tools and skills in the activities of estimation and valuation of real estate to be acquired in ownership and leasing, in technical consultancy services in legal disputes, in technical services related to contracts and in activities of renegotiation and renewal of rental relations.


Perrone Associati has a team with specific qualifications in the safety sector.

The continuous evolution of sectoral legislation and the growing attention to safety and health in the workplace have prompted the company to build a qualified group of professionals able to support medium and large companies in the various areas related to the safety and quality sectors. The company directly follows civil and industrial construction sites carrying out safety coordination activities during the design and execution phases, performing surveillance activities for the fulfillment of the industry standards and the indications of the safety plans drawn up. Perrone Associati supports its customers in internal auditing activities, as well as in the activities related to the acquisition and renewal of certifications, protocols and management systems for the safety and health of workers, in the drafting of DVR - Documenti di valutazione rischi (Risk Assessment Documents).


The skills and experience gained in about twenty years of activity in the various sectors of interest allow the company to provide its customers with technical consultancy services on specific orders and short and long-term in-house consultations.

The services are ensured thanks to the contribution of qualified professionals who carry out study and processing activities, returning to the customer output data and specific analyzes for the framework of the topic addressed.

In-house consultations take place at customers’ offices and consist in supporting and coaching of company staff, ensuring competence and professionalism for the management of projects for the construction of infrastructures, for the management of activities related to safety, control, quality, acceptance of services and materials, and progress of the order.