Perrone Associati through the consultancies with local authorities, with enterprises and individuals, makes design activities for residential buildings and service sector, commercial spaces and architectural ensembles. The company is engaged in building restoration of historical buildings and complexes, in urban planning, in the redefinition and accomodation of public spaces providing services and advice for the drafting of the feasibility studies and for the development of project initiatives financed with own funds or with EC contributions. Engineering design services are also directed to the sector strictly engineering, with the development of structural calculations and modeling, earth-quake-proof calculations, static checks and structural consolidation of buildings and existing buildings. Great attention is also paid to the civil and industrial sector where the company carries out projects for the adaptation of plant engineering and prescriptive of existing buildings, for the construction of new complexes intended for industrial and craft activities, electro-instrumental systems, complex structures in metallic carpentry, supporting structures, electrical systems on and off, photovoltaic systems. Thanks to the experience acquired over the years, the company is able to provide assistance on the entire procedure, starting from feasibility studies through to the management of construction sites and final testing..

Design services

Architectural design starts from the preliminary stages and goes on to the preparation of elaborate executive for construction site work. The attention to details and the choice of the most innovative and effective solutions gives uniqueness and concreteness to the project.

Static calculations, structural modeling and dimensioning accompany the architectural design for the construction of new buildings, public spaces and Viagra buildings for service sector. The company assists the client in the analysis of existing buildings and works in civil and industrial applications with static checks, consolidation projects and structural adaptation.

The project stages are followed by technical services issues related to the realization of the work. The building-site is wholly managed with the completion of the Viagra works management, security and testing, through a presence and a constant exchange between the building firm and the customer.

Technical and economic feasibility studies allow the customer, public and private, to evaluate, plan and manage investments and complex projects for the Viagra purchase , the construction, the renovation and the improvement of buildings and building complexes.

Main projects
• residential buildings
• static calculations

• industrial buildings
• industrial modeling

• electro design
• rendering
• research projects
• public works contracts

• interior design
• commercial areas

• renovation projects