Real Estate Service

Perrone Associati provides services in real estate assisting the customer in all the activities related to the integrated management of public and private buildings. The company provides advice to companies and public administration about Property and Facility Management services. It carries out activities aimed at the management of master data and census estate services, makes expert reports on architectural aspects and plants, on the state of finish of the property, on situation of degradation, on functional abnormalities, on energetic aspects as well as the on the deviations from the legal framework. The company carries out architectural and plant surveys, final and executive planning focused on the regulatory adjustment as well as provides new solutions for the management, the optimization and the development of spaces and resources. Perrone Associated provides individuals and companies with tools and skills in the activities of evaluation and assessment of real property to be acquired in owned and leased, in technical advisory services for a part or for the office into lawsuits, in technical services related to contracts and to the renewal and renegotiation of rental contracts. The company also provides assistance during the fulfillment of all the bureaucratic procedures aimed to obtain the permits for the opening of productive and commercial activities.

Real estate

Marketing studies and business plan attend the customer in the purchase, in the management and in the estimation of the real estate transaction from an economic, functional and architectural point of view. Particular projects aimed at the renewal and redistribution of the spaces can optimize the resources of the property making it more functional for the business and for the customer’s expectation.

Expert appraisals, managed with software and customized spreadsheets, help the customer in obtaining a real or leased property with awareness and tranquility; appropriate real estate appraisals allow the customer to better exploit or dispose it to the best market conditions.

The technical analysis of the sale and lease contracts guarantees full reliability at the stage of stipulation. The company provides assistance in the renewal and renegotiation of leasing of property for residential and commercial as well as to areas for the location of industrial plants.

The regulatory compliance provides the customer with technologically advanced solutions that maintain the property in full functional efficiency, reducing costs and management costs through the use of renewable energy sources.

Main projects
• 120.000mq relieved for CONSIP job order

• 100 contracts for technologic renegotiated areas for H3G S.P.A.
• 150 contracts for buildings and technologic areas for Wind

• 40 appraisals for several customers
• 60 expert appraisals of buildings, offices and commercial areas for Wind