Perrone Associati is engaged in telecommunications industry for over ten years offering its own professionalism for the preliminary, final and executive design of radio station bases for mobile communications as roof top and raw land and also for the optimization of the existing network. The company provides construction management and coordination security, static measurements on existing structures, static tests and check on feasibility, boasting a long experience in the management of technical services for lots of telecommunications’ companies and other companies of this area. To the activities strictly technical we can add the research and negotiation services for the acquisition of suitable areas for the positioning of new radio stations bases and radio links as well as customer service about their repots with the public administration. Perrone Associated works also in measures of electromagnetic fields for the prearrangements and the obtaining of health attributions linked to the mobile industry and assists the public administration in the localization plans of issuing installations. The company offers consulting to private and public entities for the control and monitoring of the values of electromagnetic fields caused by power lines, radio stations and cell phone in sensitive environments such as schools, hospitals, retirement homes, workplaces and civilian homes making use of qualified personnel and advanced tools and techniques.

Telecommunication service

Appropriate design choices and innovative solutions provide to optimize spaces and contain costs. The managements of the site is secured by a constant presence while the work as well as through a continuous interface with the business community, in full compliance with the regulations on safety in the work place.

An ongoing relationship with the public administration allows the company to follow the permission process at every stage, ensuring a constant monitoring on the timing of exit of the building, urban and healthy permissions, with the possibility, for the customer, of planning the activities.

The activity of ascertainment and simulation of the electromagnetic fields completes the analysis and design phases, returning the results about the presence of attention’s values both in open and confined spaces. Ascertainments and simulations are made with specific software in accordance with local regulations.

The construction of the plants is carried out by personnel and specialized firms that hold requirements and experience necessary to a rapid and correct implementation of the station without losing sight of the aspects linked to the workers’ safety.

Main project
• more than 500 stations for H3G

• 30 stations for high speed network coverage - Wind

• 45 stations for Swap WiMax for the Ministry of Defence
• more than 200 stations for Wind

• 50 network system Rupar - Basilicata District

• 100 system for DVB-H for 3Li